Recently, I moved to upstate New York after having lived in NYC for many years. My husband and son went down to share this holiday with family and friends. It was one of the nicest Thanksgivings I can remember having. It seems that good things are happening for our loved ones. Whether it is an improvement in health, getting into a highly desired Masters program, finding a kindred soul or coming into one’s own in their artwork, it seems that this holiday in particular is about moving on. Everyone’s energy felt lighter and brighter. There are some years that seem to feel heavy. Where the folks around you including yourself are swimming in murky waters. Where you feel more tired, less patient and wonder “when will things get better?”. However, I think if you hang in there, hope for the best, try to be your best and not lose your heart and faith eventually the dark energy just shifts. It’s as if everything you were struggling with whether it be yourself or life’s adversity dissipates. There is a saying, “sometimes we get what we need not what we want”. Perhaps the difficult times are things we need in order to get stronger, be wiser, grow kinder. The things that we want come to us when we are ready to truly enjoy and appreciate them. That is how I feel about my move to upstate NY. While I’ll always love NYC for how it has shaped me and what it has given me, I am truly loving our move to Upstate NY. I’m also basking in my friends’ and family’s good fortunes. I, for one feel that the gentle, healing energy is here to carry my loved ones towards 2012 and I’m very thankful for that.