I think everyone looks forward every once in a while to giving themselves a treat. Perhaps you’ve been putting in some late nights at work and are looking forward at the end of the day to watching 30 minutes of your favorite t.v. show or maybe you’ve been sticking to your no carbs diet and decide to splurge on that coffee shop mini muffin you’ve been eyeing for the past few days, whatever your choice is, I’m betting that every time you think about (insert treat), you get a little kick in your step. Which leaves me to the treat that I was looking forward to all day. After spending the last few days as Chef extraordinaire for the family and sticking to my exercise plan, I decided that today we would order take out. So when my husband calls me and wants to know what I would like to eat, I excitedly give him my order. Tofu burrito, with pinto beans, tomatoes and a little rice. My husband repeats my order, then starts talking about something else. A minute later he asks, “what did you want again?” to which I patiently repeated my menu of choice. This happened two more times. After we hung up I realized how hungry I was and looked forward to eating my yummy burrito. Forty minutes later I pull out my dinner from the bag. Immediately, I knew something was wrong. The burrito looked too padded. “Are you sure you got me the right burrito?” I asked my husband. “I sure did. I got you everything you wanted on it.” “Hmm,” I responded as I eyed it suspiciously. I take a few bites. “This has cheese?” I asked. “But you like cheese don’t you?” he replies. I just look at him. I take another bite and ask yet another question, “did you put sour cream on this?” My husband starting to look a little uncomfortable suddenly finds whatever my son is saying extremely interesting and enlightening. “Don’t you always put sour cream on your burrito?” Becoming slightly agitated I say, “you know I’ve been sticking to my diet regime. You’ve set me back about 500 calories what with the cheese and sour cream.” “No, no” he says not too convincingly, “it doesn’t have that many calories.” Did I mention that my husband is an accountant? I knew he was doing the math in his head. I take one more bite and that is when I realize my treat, my indulgence that I had been looking forward to all day was just not going to happen. I’m sure you can imagine that at this point I was not too happy and said, “there is lettuce in my burrito, tons of it, mixed in with the sour cream I didn’t want.” My husband looking around for an escape door, replies ever so softly, “I take it you don’t like lettuce in your burrito?” As I sit there wondering what went so absolutely wrong Henry looks at me and says, “mommy crying.” Through tears of frustration, disappointment and frankly by now extreme hunger, I look at my husband’s dish. “Why don’t you have sour cream and cheese in your burrito?” My husband with nowhere to go, because trust me if he could he would have disappeared says sheepishly, “I’m watching my cholesterol. I really can’t eat all that stuff.” Well folks, I think you can pretty much surmise how the rest of the evening went on in the Rivas household. We’re obviously still together so we eventually patched things up. Maybe one day we can all laugh about this but in the mean time if someone asks you to please tape their favorite show, buy their favorite coffee or in my case get them their much-anticipated tofu burrito, please don’t botch it up. You don’t know how much we are looking forward to it. What we have had to go through just to enjoy this one simple little treat. We are counting on you. We’ve worked hard for this moment, and at the end of the day, at least in my case, it’s just four little ingredients that keep a marriage strong; tofu burrito with pinto beans, tomatoes and a little rice.