I have presents I have to buy and would like to finish making Henry’s Christmas quilt (which really was going to be for his birthday in a few days, but there is no way it’s going to be finished by then, so for now it’s getting pushed back for Christmas. Hopefully it will be finished by then because this quilt is already a year late). I have to put laundry away (two baskets!) I’d like to write something for my blog (I’m really liking my blog). And the list just went on and on in my head this morning. “Henry should go out and play outside for a while.” I say to my husband. “You’re coming with us right?” “You can take pictures outside while Henry plays.” Brilliant idea I thought. So off I went leaving present finding and laundry baskets behind and spent the rest of the day with my “two boys”. It was a picture-taking, son running and laughing, husband and wife grabbing coffee at a bookstore kind of day. I never got around to taking care of that long running list in my head but I got to spend it doing the things I love with the people I love the most. Oh wait, I did get to take pictures for my blog. So you see something did get done.