Interested in how it was like growing up in Maine during the 70’s? Are you traveling over the holidays and need something to read on the plane? Perhaps you are into the whole organic food movement.  If any of the three things I just mentioned caught your attention then you should read This Life Is In Your Hands by Melissa Coleman.  When I came across this book I had no idea what it was about, but after reading the first few pages, I knew I had to buy it and take this book home with me.  It didn’t disappoint. A beautifully written memoir, Melissa Coleman writes about growing up in rural Maine in the 70’s on what was to become a famous organic farm.   Little did I know when I started reading this book that her father Eliot Coleman would become and is a prominent figure in the organic food farming community. The information one learns regarding homesteading and the organic farming food movement is interesting in and of itself,  but what truly makes this book sing is Ms. Coleman’s beautifully written account of her life on the farm and the people around her.  When she writes about picking and eating blueberries the reader can taste the berries bursting in his mouth, and when she describes the weather in Maine, one can feel either the humid,  languid heat of a summer day or the sudden snap of a crisp chill reappearing on an August night.  Ultimately, what grabbed me about this book was the ominous undertones that something seriously wrong was about to happen on what should have been an oasis within a  farming lifestyle.  Janet Maslin from the New York Times writes a wonderful book review for, This Life Is in Your Hands’ by Melissa Coleman – Review – This was one of the best memoirs that I read this past year.  It’s a real gem of a book for your home (or kindle) library.