I once read that January is the month when people feel the most depressed. I don’t know if this is correct, but if it isn’t than it should be. Perhaps it’s because you start out the New Year with all these high hopes and expectations. Here you are riding the wave of good holiday cheer, basking in the warmth of family, friends and Charlie Brown Christmas specials, and so with utmost optimism you look forward to starting off the New Year, but alas the Gods of January decide to throw a monkey wrench in your plans. In this case my monkey wrench goes by the name of Henry. Henry must have decided that his New Year’s resolution was going to be to use the word “no” as much as possible and along with putting this word to use, he was going to demonstrate just exactly what “no” means. Basically, the past three weeks have gone something like this. “Henry, it’s time to brush your teeth?” “No,” responds Henry. “Henry, Mommy made you some yummy oatmeal for breakfast.” “Mac and cheese,” says Henry through tight lips as I try in vain to get him to open his mouth. “Henry, we have to get out of your jammies and put on your clothes so we can go play soccer.” “No” replies my son as he lies on the floor like a bowl of jello, making it impossible to pick him up (not only does he do this at home, but he starts doing this in public as well). By the time 2:00 p.m. rolls around I am looking very forward to Henry’s nap time. “Henry,” I say already exhausted from the no’s and tears of the morning, “it’s time for your nap.” “Nope” responds Henry channeling Cool Hand Luke. This last one is the one that pushes me over the edge. “No naps?” “No naps!!!” Stay at home parents rely on naps for one thing and one thing only. Naps save your sanity. Naps allow you to drink a cup of coffee in peace while you call the cable guy. Naps allow you to post a new piece for your blog. Take naps away and you are left with an undiagnosed mental disorder, no cable, and no new posts. This defiant behavior from my 2-year-old has been going on for the past two weeks, and just when I thought someone was going to have to call the guys in white coats to take me away, my son decided all on his own that a nap isn’t such a bad thing after all. All I have to say is thank goodness he decided to nap again because it saved my life. After that nap, my son woke up like a brand new person looking refreshed and happy. Giving me a big smile, he asked for graham crackers. He took a book out of his bookshelf, went over to his little table and quietly proceeded to read his book while eating his chocolate graham crackers. He ate his dinner, brushed his teeth and not once did he say “no” for the rest of the night or the next day. Do I think that I have seen the last of the terrible twos? Of course I don’t, but for now Cool Hand Luke is nowhere to be found and I’ve finally managed to write a post for my blog.

p.s The writer Glennon Melton succinctly writes a hilarious piece on parenting young ones. Very much worth the read.

Glennon Melton: Don't Carpe Diem.