Ooh. Why didn’t I think of reblogging. well it seems good ideas come ideas come on Mondays. I was trying to explain to my sister in law (who is an artist in college) about your photographs. She is always on the go but looks at my blog. I know she will appreciate your pictures. I just couldn’t quite do your pictures justice with words. they definitely need to seen. cheers!

draw and shoot

For some reason, this image just breaks my heart. The harshness of Winter.

I have been here in the past. It was before the snow fell, before the cold really settled in. If you missed the first visit you can find it here. Iā€™m fascinated by the figurative nature of these wrapped trees and how they can be interpreted in different ways. The way they relate to each other. The changes taking place through the seasons. The conversations.

All images Ā© Karen McRae

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