All pictures © Nareen Rivas

There is nothing worse than waking up and seeing that something is wrong with your kid, but this is what happened yesterday morning. Saturday during the night Henry had been saying he wasn’t feeling well. He kept complaining that he was itchy and when we turned on the light he had bumps and a rash all over his body. My first inclination was to rush to the Emergency Room, but everyone knows the E.R. can be an intimidating place for a kid and can take hours to get a diagnosis. So my husband and I regrouped and called the doctor who told us what steps to take. My heart attack moment came when my son awoke Monday morning and it looked like some other Spanish kid had taken his place. My poor little guy’s face was so swollen we almost didn’t recognize him. My heart broke when I saw the look on his face which seemed to say “I know something is wrong with me”. I had to leave the room because I didn’t want to lose it. My breaking down moment came later that night when after taking him to the doctor’s office his doctor said that he just had a very allergic reaction to something he had eaten (this is a kid that can eat a whole jar of pickles and loves lemons). With proper medication, blood work and monitoring his diet hopefully we will get to the bottom of what he’s allergic to. His swelling has gone down, but he’s still having occasional out breaks. In the meantime my son wants me to watch Toy Story with him (for the millionth time), but that’s okay with me. I’ll take watching endless amount of Curious George and Toy Story movies, because at the end of the day, it’s a far better alternative to the Monday morning my husband and I just experienced.