Because I can’t resist a good book, and because I have always wanted to try Pinhole Photography, when I came across Pinhole Cameras (A-Do- It -Yourself Guide) by Chris Keeney I immediately bought it to add to my photography book collection.  After perusing the book it seemed obvious that the author is passionate about Pinhole Photography.  I also like the fact that he includes a lot of pictures that literally show step by step how to make Pinhole Cameras. Besides being well written and containing a lot of illustrations Chapter 7 in his book, Practical and Creative Tips imparts a lot of sound advice  from a photographer who wants your journey into pinhole- photography- land to go as smooth as possible. You can view the author’s pinhole photographs as well as his other work at  As for me I haven’t yet assembled a pinhole camera, but it’s one of the mini-projects on my to-do list that I would like to take on by late spring early summer.