All images © Nareen Rivas

There are two specific geographic locations that I have very much of lately have wanted to visit. They are the southwest United States and Maine. I haven’t been to Maine yet, but when the opportunity to visit Las Vegas came my way I jumped at the chance. I normally wouldn’t plan a family trip to sin city, but after enduring cloudy Northeast weather for what seemed to me months on end my judgement I guess got a little muddled and I found myself saying yes to a week in sunny, dry, desert Las Vegas. This post is the first of my trip to Las Vegas. I decided that a trip to the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium would be just the place to take Henry to (he’s too young to play the slots). I have to say the Shark Reef in general was pretty cool, but what really had me entranced were the jellyfish. Who knew? I could have stayed there all day. I loved watching them swim around as if in a dance. They reminded me of the ballet. Graceful, ethereal and beautiful. I hope you find them as lovely as I did.