I’m in love folks. Yep, that’s right and it happened like all great love affairs happen; head-on and without warning. It all started at the B & H photo store in NYC. For a while now I’ve been eyeing a couple of new lenses for my camera in the wide-angle and telephoto range and so a couple of weeks ago, I trek on down to the store, and find myself making some tough decisions as to what lenses will go home with me. Seriously, The Bachelor (or Bachelorette) show is nothing compared to this (I’m sure photographers can relate). I narrow down my options and come home with two lenses. A (super) wide 11-16 mm angle lens and a 70-300 mm zoom. When I get home of course I start getting to know my new-found friends. I start snapping away and so far I like what I see in the viewfinder and then it happened. My husband asks if he could take a few pictures and I hand over the camera with the 11-16mm lens. At this point I’m sitting right next to my husband on the couch. He aims the camera at the little table with a dish in front of him and takes a picture. I can’t explain what happened next, but he exclaims, “hey, that’s cool!” “What’s cool?,” I ask and suddenly I see it. I see me in the picture. What’s so cool about seeing me in the picture? Well, when he was aiming the camera directly at the dish and not at me I wasn’t anywhere next to the dish. Remember, I was sitting next to him, and not the dish that was in front of him, but this is what super wide-angle lens do (I would show you the picture that would make a better example of the situation, but since super wide-angle lens distort the periphery if angled slightly up or down I really didn’t come out in the best light. No pun intended). Super wide-angle lens have the ability to capture a large amount of space in even close quarters and I know many of you reading this are really not feeling this post, but to photographers out there, especially the ones that have an affinity for wide-angle lens, I know you’re getting this.

So for my birthday I spent the day photographing my best buds along with some beautiful landscape with my wide-angle lens. Along with shooting with my brand new lens I also installed Lightroom 4 for processing my photos and that has been an experience in and of itself. So the pictures I’ve included in this post have of course been shot with the 11-16mm lens (Tokina). As my lens and I get to know each other better I hope to be shooting some really great photographs in the near future, but for now “here’s looking at…” You get the picture.

All photographs © Nareen L. Rivas