Photographer’s Forum magazine is a publication that you can usually find at your local bookstore. Besides publishing a really nifty magazine, they also run photo contests (you can find out about upcoming photo contests on their website, Well a few months back I sent in some photographs to one of their contests and was bowled over yesterday when I received a letter in the mail saying that out of over 12,000 photographs (Canada also gets to participate) one of my photographs was selected for their finalist group. Yea! Go me. Basically, my photo made their to-be-published-book. Reserved for schools, participants, and proud moms, etc., They also have a second round in which out of the finalist group they choose their 1st-4th place winners and honorable mentions and those photos and/or names get to make it to their magazine that arrive in your local bookstores some time in November or December, but I’m getting ahead of myself dear readers. I’m just happy my photograph was selected…. Ok seriously who am I kidding. I want to win this thing! So I think I’ll shoot for the moon : )
In case anyone is wondering the photo that was selected was from my post on January 3rd titled Imperfect Day. What really made me smile was that A. That picture was taken on January 1st. I guess it will always be a great reminder of how I started out the New Year and B. I was almost going to leave the camera in the trunk of the car, but at the last minute decided I wanted the camera with me as my husband and I drove through the country side. I’m really glad I listened to that little intuitive voice because that Imperfect Day photograph brought me a most perfect moment on a random July day.