On Labor Day we bid summer farewell by attending the Columbia County Fair in Chatham, N.Y. From what I gathered it’s one of the oldest fairs around dating back to October 12, 1841. The county fair with its farm animals, rides, food, rodeo (which I got to see one for the first time) and cool works by artisans was a wonderful way to close out the summer and say hello to the upcoming fall season. Hope you all enjoy the following photos.

Apparently this is an original schoolhouse that students use to attend back in the day. They utilized the space by displaying the beautiful art work of the students in the area.

I was drawn to this elaborate machinery and the beautiful tapestry hanging on the wall. The gentleman operating the machine was kind enough to explain to me the process of what goes into making one of his hand woven works of art. I think at one point he told me that their were 216 strings in the machine. It made knitting seemed like a breeze. What patience and attention to detail it takes to make one of these exquisite hand woven creations. If you would like to check out their work you can go to http://www.holytrinityweavers.org

My little guy had a blast. The look of joy on his face was the best part of the day.

I just love the cacophony of colors.

Stay tuned for photos from my first rodeo show…