This past weekend my husband and I took a trip out to Vermont. I briefly visited Vermont years ago, but didn’t remember much except that they don’t call it the “green mountain state” for nothing. Not only is it still very green, but it’s incredibly beautiful. We only stayed there two days but managed to see quite a bit during our time there. Now under normal circumstances I would have taken pictures with my beloved camera, but believe it or not I forgot my camera! I totally blame my utter and total forgetfulness on my husband rushing me to get out the door and on the road. For you see a surprise awaited me in Vermont and if we didn’t leave NOW I would completely miss out on a what seemed to be a very well thought out surprise. “Would you like me to go back?” sighed my husband as I sat in the passenger seat totally hyperventilating while realizing that I would not be able to photograph Robert Frost’s beautiful New England. However, after thinking about the vows that I took when I got married, you know the whole “for better or worse” part I realized that forgetting my camera was a bad thing (for me), but making my husband turn the car around after putting in time and effort on planning something cool for me, well that would have been worse. Besides, the purpose of this trip (after not taking one since our son was born over 2 1/2 years ago) was for us to relax and reconnect and that’s pretty difficult to do if I were to spend more than half my time snapping away. In the end leaving my camera was the best thing that happened because had I taken it with me, I constantly would have been deciding whether to talk to my husband or take a photograph of the beautiful barns and landscape, and everyone knows what I would have picked… My camera of course ; ) (just kidding Fredy). So I spent the rest of our time in Vermont, exploring, meeting new people and having great conversations with my husband all without my camera, but that doesn’t mean I was cameraless. I did manage to get a few shots here and there with my iphone. Come on readers did you think I didn’t have a back up plan…
; )

For all you parents and pre-school teachers out there that read to your kids the Llama Llama books I had the great pleasure of attending a reading by non other than author Anna Dewdney. This was the surprise that my husband had planned for me since we read her books to our son and I love meeting authors and going to book signings. The book signing was at Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vermont. If any of you are ever passing through this part of Vermont do stop by. It’s a fantastic bookstore and their children’s section on the second floor was pretty impressive. Oh, and as far as surprises go I think you can tell from my photo above that I totally thought it was the coolest gift ever. Thank you Fredy!

Next we checked into the Ira Allen Bed and Breakfast in Sunderland, Vermont. The inn was beautiful inside and out. It was very cozy and rumor has it there is a ghost story or two to be told about the place. Oh my! Across the street from the inn one can go exploring on the beautifully kept grounds. The owners Maria and Ed are such gracious and warm people that they had us thinking of moving to Vermont! In the mornings they whipped us up some hearty, delicious breakfast and fantastic coffee and Maria makes the best cookies. Seriously, if you are ever in this area do consider the Ira Allen Inn. It will make your stay in this part of Vermont extra special.

Also at the Inn we met these fellows Kevin and Tracy. They were familiar with the New England area and were able to guide us on where to go for the day. Vermont has many places to visit and we didn’t really know which place to pick for our day trip. Well Kevin told us that Middlebury is a really nice place to visit because of its art galleries, coffee shops and quaint stores and by golly he was totally right. And it’s home to great author Julia Alvarez so how can you go wrong? Thanks Kevin! You and Tracy rock and we had a great time meeting you guys.

The scene above is from Middlebury, Vermont. Apparently, the waterfall is called, The Falls (ta da!) Middlebury was a great little walking town and The Falls is just beautiful. We visited this great art gallery called Edgewater Gallery. It had wonderful art work from local Vermont artists. It’s evident that the manager Shawna Cross is very passionate about her work. We appreciated how she took the time to inform us about artists’ background stories and talk to us about Vermont in general. Oh, and I also came across the work of photographer Alistair McCallum. His photographs literally stopped me in my tracks. They were bea-u-ti-ful!!! According the Ms. Cross they have had National Geographic photographers stop by the gallery to just browse and even they stop to admire Mr. McCallum’s work. If you want to check out his stuff you can go here, and if you want to check out the Edgewater Gallery you can go here,

On our way home we passed by Bennington, Vermont. They had these moose throughout the street. Pretty neat, huh?

This was our view on our way home. Sigh…