I received a nomination for the Beautiful Blogger Award from the lovely Pat over at bookpeeps -Pat’s blog centers around her love of books and beautiful illustrations.  She also posts interesting news stories that are currently happening in the media such as a Kansas Judge blocking an auction of  the “In Cold Blood” records.  She also wrote a book for her grandchildren.  A wonderful and creative affirmation of her love for them.  Thank you Pat for your nomination.  It is deeply appreciated and a wonderful start to my weekend.

There are a couple of “rules” to being nominated.  The blogger that has received the nomination has to share 7 things about himself and afterwards the blogger has to nominate 7 blogs (bloggers) that he really likes.  Kind of like the paying it forward school of thought. So here goes the first part.

Seven things about myself:

1. I am PETRIFIED of driving on the highway.  It’s not to say I’ve never driven on one because I have, but if you were bleeding to death and needed to get to the hospital I hope you have a friend nearby that can take you.  I’ll mapquest the route for them…

2. I like interesting fun facts such as Mark Twain being born on the day of Halley’s Comet and dying 76 years later.  One day after Halley’s Comet reappearance.

3. I can fall asleep anywhere, trains, planes, etc.,  I also tend to fall asleep during plays.  I once dozed off during a very loud song and dance number of the Broadway hit play Chicago.   I would wake myself up long enough to clap and then fall right back asleep.  Excellent play though! Highly recommend it.

4. Today is my husband and mine’s 5th wedding anniversary : )

5. I don’t think there is anything better than receiving a handwritten letter from a friend or writing one yourself.  Snail mail should make a comeback.

6. I love the movies.  Some of my all time favorites, Lonestar, The Lives of Others  and I do believe that Psycho by Hitchcock is just brilliant.

7.  If I could have a dream job it would be putting together documentaries.  Hello Mr. Ken Burns, Nareen calling…

Alrighty, this second part is a lot of fun.  There are many bloggers out there whose blog really inspires me for various reasons, but mainly it’s their unique perspective of the world that keeps me coming back to their blogs.  Although, I wish I could put all the bloggers I like I know I have to narrow it down to 7.  So in no particular order here are the 7 blogs that I hope you have time to stop and check out.   I’m sure there is something for everyone so without further adieu my nominees for the beautiful blogger award are the following;

1.  http://drawandshoot.me/ a lovely blog from Canada.  Many of the photographs that the blogger posts have an ethereal and contemplative quality to them.  When you visit this site you are visiting an artist that instills a painterly quality to her photographs.  Her perspective of the world is sublime.

2. artismysanity  This blog is what I call a happy place to visit.  The blogger’s love of the ocean and flowers always come through in her photographs.  They always leave me feeling better about the world and I think you’ll feel the same way.

3. mysightpicture – Grab your cowboy hat and boots and get ready to take a ride out to the Lonestar state.  This blogger’s photographs are majestic, grand and pretty darn awesome.  His love of Texas and of life in general is infectious and I’m sure you’ll be booking your ticket to Big Bend National Park after you’ve visited this site.

4. newsofthetimes – We’re off to Colorado where this informative blogger makes me think about the world we live in and the issues going on around us.  I also enjoy her Tuesday Tunes posts in which she selects her favorite songs for her viewers.  So you get to read the news and listen to cool music all at the same time.

5. leannecole – The next blog hails from down under.  Whether her photographs are of urban architecture, snow drift landscapes or just a day out at the farmers’ market her  interesting perspective and personal vision of the world leave the reader wanting to see more.

6. nikkisimages– This lovely blogger is from my hometown of NYC.  Every time I visit her blog I feel closer to home.  Her photographs capture the energy and vibrancy of NYC and its’ people.  If you’ve never visited the city that never sleeps or get nostalgic for NYC street dancing and beautiful brownstones then this blog is for you.  

7. seeingspotsphoto– The last blogger is from the New England area and she captures the essence of New England beautifully in her photographs.  She’s not afraid to experiment with her photography and it shows. Her blog is inspiring and reminds you of those quirky, funny art teachers that inspire their students to be bold, creative and have fun.

To keep with tradition, here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you;
  2. Post the Beautiful Blogger Image in your post
  3. Share 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate fellow bloggers
  5. Let them know about the nomination

Oh dear so sorry to my fellow bloggers,  but it seems that the links above have gone a bit haywire on me.  Here are the links again to their wonderful blogs.  Murphy’s law every time…