Hi Folks,

Couldn’t let this Thanksgiving week go without posting on my blog and wishing everyone out there a truly happy and peaceful Thanksgiving day. It was a little after Thanksgiving day last year that I got this crazy notion to start a blog and I really can’t believe a year later I’m still at it. It’s been a wonderful way to stay in touch with friends that otherwise I wouldn’t hear from much because we are so immersed in our day-to-day life. It’s also been a wonderful way to meet fellow artists, photographers, and writers. I admit that there are some days that I’m running around nonstop and feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. On those days I try to find a few minutes to open my e-mail and usually find someone has posted a new post to their blog. I read a writer’s insightful take on a subject or look at the latest photographs of a fellow blogger and find myself breathing a little easier, smiling a little more and more importantly feeling like it’s “hip to be square” (sorry couldn’t help it : ) Sometimes I exchange a few words through the comment section with fellow bloggers or readers and I think to myself that the positive exchange of ideas and words is a very cool thing indeed. You could say that blogging is my form of Yoga.

And on a last note what I am very thankful for this Thanksgiving is that the stork decided to pay us a visit. Yes my friends on Thanksgiving day I will be eating for two. This baby was smart enough to come around the holidays! I like how this kid thinks. My husband and I couldn’t be happier and come the end of May Henry will have a little brother or sister although at this point he is adamant that it is a “baby sister” (my kid literally stares me down if I say otherwise!) So we shall see if what little Henry wants he gets. In the meantime I hope you laugh a lot, eat lots of yummy stuffing and cranberry sauce and are surrounded by people you love. I know I’ll be and I’m very thankful for that.