I’m not too good at keeping New Year’s Resolutions so I really don’t make them however, I do set goals for myself. Are promises and goals the same thing or are they different, hmm? In either case I have a lot of projects/goals that I would like to complete this year especially before the baby arrives in late spring. Did I tell you all we’re expecting another baby boy! We found out right before New Year’s and it was quite a surprise seeing as I thought for sure that it was going to be a girl. Nonetheless we are very happy and I think Henry would enjoy having a little brother to play and be in cahoots with.
As for the 2013 goals I hope to complete the following; print photographs that have been sitting in my computer “collecting dust” as they say. I already started selecting which photos I would like to print so that’s half the battle. After printing I’m looking forward to putting them into photo albums and photo frames. This is no small feat and anyone who takes large volumes of pictures like I do knows that most of the times the selecting, deleting, editing and storing part is the most time-consuming. Sometimes I miss taking negatives to the local photo shop because at least then you knew you were going to get prints in return. Ah, cyber space sometimes I miss the days of yore.
I would also like to keep entering more photo contests, complete some knitting and sewing projects that I have under way, perhaps open an Etsy shop and basically keep moving forward with my creative endeavors and see where this creative road leads me to. Oh and finally get around to creating that pinhole camera!