I have a confession to make. Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I still haven’t gotten a Father’s Day card for my husband. I know, I know what kind of wife forgets to buy her terrific husband a Father’s Day card. Um, apparently me. I do hope though that having a baby three weeks ago gives me a “get out of jail” card for this year, but just because I didn’t get a card doesn’t mean Father’s Day hasn’t been on my mind.
I came across the above picture a few days ago. It was taken on the day that we brought Oliver home from the hospital. As you can imagine Henry, my eldest son was feeling a bit out of it. Not only had I been away from home for a few days, but I had brought his little brother home and this little person was taking up quite a bit of his mother’s time and attention. As much as we tried to comfort Henry and make him feel equally special my boy was just having a rough time of it. He didn’t know how to be or act. He was feeling awkward and it shows in the photograph. What touched me about this picture is how my husband is holding Henry. He was the calm in my son’s sea of stormy emotions and I know that this photograph is just one of the many moments in which he has been an anchor for our son.

So while I couldn’t get my husband a card, instead I would like to publicly say thank you for all that you do for me and our boys. You are truly our rock. And for all the dads out there that go above and beyond for their kids. You are your kids’ Superman. So Happy Father’s Day you Men of Steel. The world is a better place because of you.