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Between the constant rain we’ve been having in the northeast and the arrival of our newborn we haven’t been getting out much, but today we managed to visit a Farmers’ Market in Troy, N.Y.

According to what I had heard from others the downtown area of Troy with its eclectic shops and eateries is definitely worth a visit. Their Farmers’ Market on Saturdays proved to be a great place to just roam about. There was fresh produce to take home and cook with, pretty flowers in Mason jars and yummy homemade Mexican food and that’s just a fraction of the wonderful things one can find here.

I was also able to visit two shops. The first is a really cool boutique/gallery, the Anchor No. 5 Boutique owned by the effervescent Petra Jancovicova. Inside I found a plethora of beautiful, handcrafted jewelry, paintings, baby clothes, gorgeous hair accessories and wonderful odds and ends. There was also a great black and white photo exhibition on display. The best part is that these products are all made by local artists.

We ended our trek at Market Block Books. A great local bookstore in which book lovers (that’s me) will find books recommended by a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. The shop has a very cozy feel that lends itself to at least a couple of hours of book browsing.
We had such a good time and there is still so much to explore that we will be back. In the meantime if you are ever in the area do check out downtown Troy. A totally cool place to spend a Saturday morning.

All photos taken with an iphone.