It’s been so hectic lately since we moved back to the city (no pun intended) that the crickets on my blog are getting louder. Between adjusting to being back and taking care of my boys the days just blend into one another. Hopefully by summer there will be a semblance of routine and normalcy. In the meantime I’m excited because I just signed up for an alternative photography class at the Center for Alternative Photography here in the city. I’ll be learning how to create Wet Plate negatives. It’s a throwback to doing photography the old-fashioned way. I’ve always loved working in the darkroom and admire photographers such as Mathew Brady, Julia Margaret Cameron and Sally Mann. The class will be in March but thankfully February is a short month. Perhaps I’ll have some body of work to show by the end of summer, but for now it will be nice to put on the brakes and slow down.