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We heard that the weather was going to be lovely for Mother’s Day so I couldn’t think of anything better than to take the kids outside for some hiking and a little photo opportunity for moi. We headed to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. It was our fist time visiting this extraordinary bird sanctuary. Apparently, it’s one of the most important bird sanctuary in the Northeastern part of the U.S. My goodness this place did not disappoint. It was beautiful. As soon as we started hiking we could hear all at once the songs of many species of birds. Geese, house wrens, etc. A few almost flew into me. Of course I left my super-duper zoom lens at home but I managed to get some shots. If you ever have an opportunity to visit please do. It was really something to see Geese fly overhead and settle on the marsh and see the beautiful feathers of birds fly right by you. A while back I gave Henry a book and CD called , Sing, Nightingale, Sing! by Francoise de Guibert ( I may have mentioned this book before). It’s become one of our favorite CD’s to play in the evening. The CD consists of bird calls mixed in with musical instruments. It’s relaxing, understated, simple and brilliant. It was fun walking this trail with Henry and trying to recollect what kind of bird we were listening to. Thus, it was a wonderful Mother’s Day spent with my beloved family in this beautiful oasis in NYC.