This year I made “Harvest” moon a family affair. For the past 2 years I’ve always been by myself because the boys were too little to wait around until the moon rose, but this year I made “Harvest” moon a family affair. We read the children’s book “Hello, Harvest Moon” by Ralph Fletcher (an excellent read and one of our favorites). We then made our way to our nearby shopping center, since that’s the best vantage point near us and set up the tri-pod and camera. We tracked the moon with the Skyview app. (My boys and I love this app) and just waited for the moon to rise. I think I got a few good shots considering I had to zoom in because of the lights around the parking lot. The boys really enjoyed tracking the moon’s rising time and looking at it through the camera lens. Until, Oliver made it very clear that he was tired and wanted to go home, but all in all “Harvest” moon viewing with the family was the perfect way to spend this Friday night.