Why do I blog?
Welcome and thank you for stopping by my blog. This little slice of the blogosphere is mainly a place where I share my photographs and all things photography related, but I also post about books I have read, my life as a former teacher, anecdotes about me and my family and odds and ends that capture my interest and that I think my readers would enjoy. I quite often get asked why I started a blog in the first place. To be honest I never saw myself as the kind of person having a blog. It seems very intimate, involves constant posting and frankly it can be quite intimidating, but some time last year (2011) around Thanksgiving I thought that perhaps it would be a good platform to share my love of photography. Without giving it too much thought the next thing I knew I had set up a blog. I didn’t really know in what direction I wanted my blog to take, but after receiving some very positive feedback from readers regarding my posts my blog started to grow organically. It’s been almost a year and I never foresaw when I started this little blogging adventure how much I would grow to love it. Through blogging I not only share my passion for photography (or other things near and dear to me) but I’ve “met” other bloggers whose photographic posts and writings I admire very much. The blogging community is very strong, supportive and provides a lot of inspiration to its readers. However, connecting with my readers is in essence why I blog. I feel very honored when a photograph I’ve posted or piece I’ve written resonates strongly with a reader and he/she tells me “it’s cool what you do” or “I love what you wrote. Keep posting.” If I can leave a reader feeling more positive and refreshed after reading one of my posts then  in some small way I feel I’ve done something good for the day and that’s a cool thing.


And on why I shoot pictures

Taking photographs is a magical, but grounding process.  It helps me record a moment in time that would otherwise be lost and forgotten.


Photographic Achievements and experiences

Published in the Best of Photography Annual 2000, 2012 and 2015 and The Best of College Photography Spring 1996.  Interned at renowned MV Labs in NYC.


If you would like to purchase any of my photographs or are interested in my photographic services you can visit my photographic website www.bythelight1973.smugmug.com or connect through my link titled Photography Website at the top of my blog page.  You can also contact me through the form below.