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Foggy, rainy mornings are the best

Posted on October 29, 2015

I opened my front door this morning and to my delight I saw a thick fog blanketing the landscape (I love foggy, rainy landscapes. The colors just pop while the tone of a photograph retains that ethereal quality). I wanted so much to grab my camera, jump in the car and find the perfect scenery to photograph, but mommy duties were calling me so I spent the better part of the morning looking out the window witnessing the changing landscape. Finally, a while later I finally made it outside. It was pouring rain by then, but I headed to the park and managed to take a few shots. Thank goodness I got a chance to shoot. I couldn’t let this gorgeousness pass me by.…

I left my heart in…Albany

Posted on October 10, 2013

We celebrated this past Saturday what was for me a bittersweet 6th year wedding anniversary. Bittersweet because in a couple of months we will be moving from Albany and all that I have grown to love and appreciate of this area. I didn’t always feel this way. Actually, a couple of months after we had moved up here I was wondering if we had made a colossal mistake. Although I’m familiar with upstate winters ( I attended SUNY Oswego for three years so I’m very well acquainted with lake effect snow and weather) memory has a way of eroding how endless cloudy days and heavy snowstorms feel like and so in the middle of February two years ago with a toddler in tow and…