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Our Bird House

Posted on September 9, 2016

Over the summer Henry and Oliver helped me paint this birdhouse. I think they did a fine job.   We have it hanging from a tree outside our kitchen window.  I finally got around to setting up my camera on a tripod and ended up taking these photos.  According to our field guide I managed to get White-breasted Nuthatches, Titmouse, Chickadees, and Mourning Dove.  I’ve also had Blue Jays (they do like to make a big racket), American Goldfinches, Cardinals and a bonafide Hummingbird (I would love to get a picture of the Hummingbird). We’re starting to know their songs without looking out the window which I think is pretty cool and Oliver likes to imitate their song.  Happy September everyone and I dedicate…

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

Posted on May 12, 2014

We heard that the weather was going to be lovely for Mother’s Day so I couldn’t think of anything better than to take the kids outside for some hiking and a little photo opportunity for moi. We headed to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. It was our fist time visiting this extraordinary bird sanctuary. Apparently, it’s one of the most important bird sanctuary in the Northeastern part of the U.S. My goodness this place did not disappoint. It was beautiful. As soon as we started hiking we could hear all at once the songs of many species of birds. Geese, house wrens, etc. A few almost flew into me. Of course I left my super-duper zoom lens at home but I managed to get some…

Message within the trees

Posted on May 14, 2013

A couple of days ago this Mourning Dove family settled within the branches of a tree that stands outside our balcony. You can mostly see the father and mother dove, but the baby dove seemed almost hidden from view (you can make out the tail wings on the right-hand side). It was a great comfort to see them perch outside my window for besides being a symbol of peace Mourning Doves also represent motherhood, the beginning of news things, home, security, intuition and calm. All good things considering that we are awaiting for our newest addition to join our family within the next few days…

A Song for Earth Day

Posted on April 22, 2013

For those of us who live in the northeast I think the majority will agree that winter has completely dragged on around these parts. Didn’t that Punxsutawney groundhog declare that spring was coming soon? I’m suing that little groundhog and the whole state of Pennsylvania, but that’s later. Miraculously, today on Earth Day the sun was shining high in the sky and even though the trees still have a while to go before they are in full bloom the Robins sure were out chirping away. Here’s to celebrating Mother Earth and all its beautiful and strange wonders.

Black Swan

Posted on May 30, 2012

Over Memorial Day Weekend I went to Montreal and visited Parc-nature de l’Île-de-la-Visitation. A lovely park with flowers and ponds but what caught my attention was this magnificent black swan. I honestly don’t or can’t recall seeing a black swan in person and the last time I was so enamoured with a swan was when I read E.B. White’s Trumpet of the Swan. If memory serves me well the story starts out somewhere in the woods of Canada. It’s main characters involved a boy named Sam and a swan who can’t talk (honk). Anyhow, the book as you can see has stayed with me after all these years. Here’s to E.B. White for writing characters who leave an indelible mark on its readers (Charlotte’s Web anyone?) and to this beautiful black swan.

Photograph © Nareen Rivas