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Our Bird House

Posted on September 9, 2016

Over the summer Henry and Oliver helped me paint this birdhouse. I think they did a fine job.   We have it hanging from a tree outside our kitchen window.  I finally got around to setting up my camera on a tripod and ended up taking these photos.  According to our field guide I managed to get White-breasted Nuthatches, Titmouse, Chickadees, and Mourning Dove.  I’ve also had Blue Jays (they do like to make a big racket), American Goldfinches, Cardinals and a bonafide Hummingbird (I would love to get a picture of the Hummingbird). We’re starting to know their songs without looking out the window which I think is pretty cool and Oliver likes to imitate their song.  Happy September everyone and I dedicate…

Homemade library bags

Posted on July 6, 2016

For the longest time Henry and Oliver have been asking me to make them library bags.  We almost always end up asking for plastic bags at the front desk to take the books home in, but plastic bags can be uncomfortable for little hands, not to mention it’s not good for our planet so to kick off summer reading I surprised the boys by taking them to the fabric store. I had them pick out the fabrics for their bags and a few days later got to work sewing.  To say they were happy to see their bags is an understatement.  I knew they would be glad, but Henry especially was really touched I had sewed their bags from scratch.    The look on…

“How To Raise A Wild Child” book review

Posted on April 21, 2016

Growing up in NYC I didn’t have many opportunities to be out in nature except for going to the park nearby our home or visiting Central Park on a weekend, however ever since I could remember I have always felt drawn to nature. I still remember when the street I grew up in was all concrete and there wasn’t a tree in sight. As a young girl I didn’t know anything was missing, but then one day some people from an organization (perhaps a beautification organization) came and planted trees up and down my block. I was so excited because suddenly my block looked so pretty. That was over 25 years ago. Today those trees have grown big, strong and beautiful. Whenever I return…

I promise not to let the fame get to my head.

Posted on January 16, 2015

Happy New Year everyone! I hope January finds everyone in good health and spirits. Usually this month tends to be one of reflection and contemplation and that’s exactly what I found myself doing the other day. I was thinking that for 2015 I’d like to incorporate more creativity within our home. I think exposing our children to the arts is just as vital as attaining an excellent academic education. Whether spending an hour out of a Saturday afternoon to paint on canvas or taking 30 minutes out of a busy weekday to just color and glue a picture together (all things that I have already done with Henry in the past week) it’s becoming clear to me that 2015 is shaping up to what…

These moments…

Posted on January 1, 2014

Last night we rang in the New Year with a baby that didn’t fall asleep until a little after midnight (I think he was waiting for the ball to drop) and a 4-year-old with a bad cold calling out from bed, “can someone clean my nose?!” Thus, this is how we ushered in 2014 and that’s perfectly fine by me. The year 2013 was a total whirlwind for us. We welcomed another son, we moved, we said goodbyes and looked forward to new experiences. I didn’t and haven’t blogged as much as I would have liked. I haven’t been able to visit a lot of people’s blog and comment or have had a chance to thank new followers (thank you!) but one thing I learned in 2013 is to truly enjoy the moment and know that where we are at in our lives is only a moment in time. This stage of parenting is very intense but I know that in a couple of years Oliver will be walking, running and playing with his brother and we will have a bit more of a routine and hopefully get some more sleep, lol. Hopefully, I will start blogging more steadily in 2014, reconnect with people and work on my photography. In the meantime I’m going to savor this time, these moments because they are oh so fleeting. These moments, they settle into the crevices of our memory banks and when we find ourselves in a quiet space these memories hopefully bring a smile to our lips and fill us with a sense of having been fully present in our lives.

Wishing you all a present filled 2014!

Superheroes Among Us

Posted on June 16, 2013

I have a confession to make. Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I still haven’t gotten a Father’s Day card for my husband. I know, I know what kind of wife forgets to buy her terrific husband a Father’s Day card. Um, apparently me. I do hope though that having a baby three weeks ago gives me a “get out of jail” card for this year, but just because I didn’t get a card doesn’t mean Father’s Day hasn’t been on my mind. I came across the above picture a few days ago. It was taken on the day that we brought Oliver home from the hospital. As you can imagine Henry, my eldest son was feeling a bit out of it. Not only had…